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WEC 6 Hours Of Silverstone Gallery

WEC 6 Hours Of Silverstone Gallery

This year I spent the full weekend at the WEC 6 hours of Silverstone. It may not have been an action-packed thriller of a race (but Silverstone rarely is), but the event was lots of fun to attend, and despite peoples feelings about LMP-1 this year, it was still an impressive spectacle. 

I’ve not done a full race weekend for a number of years, and certainly not since I’ve been more interested in photography – so I was rather ill-prepared to deal with the 1500 ish 50-megapixel images I had to deal with upon my return. I would describe the selection process as a rather ruthless sort of triage. But, even then 300+ keepers is quite a lot! Still, I’ve included around 50 photos of the event in the gallery below.

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