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F1 2018 Review (PC) – Sim Racing Perspective

F1 2018 Review (PC) – Sim Racing Perspective

Today’s video review takes a look at F1 2018 (PC version). Codemasters has been making a lot of noise about how much work they’ve put into the simulation side of F1 2018 – so I’m taking a look at the new F1 Game to see if it’s really a sim racing title, or if that’s just marketing hype.

For tens or hundreds of thousands of Formula 1 fans, F1 2018 will be a welcome addition to the series. However, F1 2018 for PC does have a few niggling issues that need to be addressed in my opinion. F1 2018 for PC has a lot going for it. It looks glorious, it’s tremendous fun to play and the driving model is much, much improved. But, for me, the title is marred by lacklustre support for the sort of bread and butter peripherals that PC sim racers are able to use, without any issues, in pretty much every other title. So, to some extent that stops this from being a true sim racing title, even before we start looking at how the cars behave.

On the plus side, F1 2018 gameplay has improved from the already impressive features of F1 2017. In particular, the AI has been subtly tweaked and now provides a really impressive racing experience. Furthermore, the F1 2018 career mode has also taken a good step forward as well. All in all F1 2018 is probably the best F1 game to date, but despite big improvements, I’m not quite ready to call it a racing simulator yet.

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