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That Jaguar XJR-12 Mod

That Jaguar XJR-12 Mod

This video is an attempt to answer a question that I get asked all the time. Where did I get that Group C Jaguar XJR Assetto Corsa Mod that features in some of my videos.

When I was a kid, there were only 2 posters I hung on my wall. One was of Senna driving his Mclaren in the pouring rain, and the other was of Lammers, Jones and Wallace on the way to take the win at Daytona in their Castrol liveried XJR-12. It would be fair to say that it’s probably my favourite racing car of all time.

When Kunos started adding Group C cars to Assetto Corsa, I waited patiently for the Jaguar that they would inevitably bring to the title. The Porsche and Sauber Mercedes were added, so surely a Jaguar, their biggest competitor at Le Mans had to be next. Then there was the 787, a bafflingly popular prototype, but that one was based on mod, so it wouldn’t get in the way of important Jaguar related development work. But the release of the Bonus Pack in Autumn 2017 signalled the last of the official content for Assetto Corsa, scuppering any hopes of a Jaguar Group C car in my favourite sim.


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