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Triple Screens for Sim Racing [Triple Monitor Setup Guide]

Triple Screens for Sim Racing [Triple Monitor Setup Guide]

After nearly a year of exclusive VR use, I recently modified my sim racing rig to support triple screens. So this video is an instructional guide about how to set up triple monitors but it’s also a collection of all of the things I’ve learned along the way, mostly by making mistakes!

Puting together a triple screen setup for your sim racing rig not particularly complex, but there are a few potential pitfalls. And, for me, the most important aspect is selecting the right monitors and video card for the job. However, setting up triple monitor support in racing sims does differ from title to title, with RaceRoom taking the title of least intuitive sim racing title for triple screen support.

Because I know someone will ask, my triple screen sim racing setup is:

Video Card: EVGA Nvidia GTC 1080Ti

Monitors: Dell Ultrasharp U2715h (x3)

Dash Display: Bestview S7 7″

Stand: GT Omega Triple Monitor Stand

Game: Assetto Corsa (Audi R8 LMS at Donington)

Raceroom Tiple Screen Setup Guide:…

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  1. Paul Cornelius

    Hello Chris,

    I was into Sim Racing in the 90s. I had a blast using an Extreme Competition Controls wheel and pedals. $500 US. Played Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix Two and Papyrus IndyCar Racing. 😊
    Have been out of sim racing for about 15 years. (been married for 15 years too.) I watched a number of your videos and they are instuctional, great reference and entertaining. Thanks for getting me up to “speed” about current racing sims.

    I have reference question that you might be able to assist me with. The Fanatec Podium Hub will accept a P.S.E. GPX wheel. Will the GPX wheel plug into the Fanatec base or does it need to plug into the computer. I came across this under description for GPX on
    • Connection to the PC is handled via 2 USB inputs, with no HDMI or power adapters necessary
    • Fits any 50.8mm Quick Release (Quick release not included)
    • The LM-PS Wheel connects to a PC or Mac via its own dedicated USB input. Not compatible with PlayStation or Xbox

    My thoughts would be (I’m uneducated trying to learn) the GPX can attached to a Fanatec V 2.5 or DD via podium hub, but the GPX wheel USB would need to connect to the computer. If you could shed insight to this old sim racer, 55 years, that would be great.

    Take care and thank you,

    Oak Creek Wisconsin via Oneida Wisconsin

    PS. The wife did let me purchase a used 2005 S2000 in 2014. $8,000 US. So, she like me.

  2. Chris

    Hi Paul. I would expect that you would need to plug the GPX wheel directly into the PC. I have one on the way from Fanatec, so I will be able to confirm once it gets here. But, from what I understand the only things you can plug into the podium hub are the Fanatec button module and paddles.

    I’ve nearly pulled the trigger on an S2000 a couple of times now… they’re only getting more expensive here in the UK!


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