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McLaren MP4/8 for rFactor 2

McLaren MP4/8 for rFactor 2

Over the weekend Studio 397 announced that 3 new McLaren F1 cars would be released for rFactor 2, including the stunning McLaren MP4/8 that I’m featuring in this video. The Mclaren MP4/8 has always been a personal favourite, and I think you can make a pretty good case for it being one of the more significant cars in McLaren’s history, despite the relative lack of success compared to its predecessors.

I think it’s fair to say, the cars that have been released by Studio 397 for rFactor 2 are absolutely top notch. And, the MP4/8 formula one car is no different. It looks and drives brilliantly, and honestly, the only area that really lets the car down is the sound.

The McLaren MP4/8 is a very well sorted car, and I’d have been more than happy to pay for it. Studio 397 deserve some real praise for the way they have been approaching new content of late, with a mixture of paid DLC packs as well as free content. It’s a nice differentiator in sim racing circles between the all DLC model.



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