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Assetto Corsa Mod Track – Watkins Glen Turns 1.0!

Assetto Corsa Mod Track – Watkins Glen Turns 1.0!

Lots of you will already be more than familiar with Lilski’s Watkins Glen track mod for Assetto Corsa – and beta versions have been available for quite some time now. But, I wanted to wait until the mod reached version 1.0 before I made a video about it, and that time has finally come! If, for some reason you’ve not seen this Assetto Corsa mod track before, don’t take my word for it, go and download it from the link in below.

But, to put it simply, this is an essential track mod for Assetto Corsa. In fact this may be the best Assetto Corsa mod track to date.

Download the Watkins Glen Assetto Corsa track mod from Race Department:…

The Glen is a hell of a racetrack and it’s fitting that the Assetto Corsa version is every bit as good. But it’s not just good, it’s outstanding – arguably the standard by which future mod tracks should be measured.


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