Chang International Circuit – Assetto Corsa Track Mod [2018]

Today I’m taking a look at the Chang International Circuit Assetto Corsa track mod by Mitja Bonca. You may be familiar with Mitja’s other ASsetto Corsa mods, like the excellent Okayama circuit.

I must admit that I’m a sucker for a circuit that, on the surface looks like it will be simple to drive, but in reality is a challenge to master. And, Chang International for Assetto Corsa definitely fits into that category. While there’s no equivalent of the Porsche Curves, Radillion or Skyline to keep your cardiologist busy there are a fair number of technical corners that require precision and commitment and plenty of challenging curbs to keep your attention as well. And, honestly, for me, it adds some much-needed variety to my circuit library, which I’m sure nobody is surprised to hear has a bit of a bias towards what you might call ‘vintage’ circuits! Chang International isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but Mitja has done such a great job with this Assetto Corsa track mod that I think this circuit deserves a place on every sim racer’s hard drive.

You can download the Chang International Circuit Assetto Corsa Track Mod from Race Department:…

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