Formula Ford Assetto Corsa Mod [Preview] Russell-Alexis Mk.14

Today I’m taking a look at the Russell-Alexis Mk.14 Formula Ford Assetto Corsa mod by Stereo.

The Russell-Alexis Mk.14 can trace it’s roots right back to the beginnings of Formula Ford. However, this Assetto Corsa mod represents a car as it would have appeared decades later, competing in the ever popular Historic Formula Ford series. The main differences are the addition of a few modern safety devices, such as an enlarged roll hoop and a fire suppression system.

Assetto Corsa is a bit short on no-downforce single seaters, so this mod is very welcome. Thankfully this is a well put together Assetto Corsa mod and does the prototype car justice.

If you would like to download the Russell-Alexis Mk.14 Formula Ford Assetto Corsa mod, you can do so from Race Department:…


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