Good & Bad Weather Suite Assetto Corsa Mod [2018]

Today’s video takes a look at the Good and Bad Weather Suite Assetto Corsa mod. This is a mod that I’m asked about in the comments of pretty much every Assetto Corsa mod video I make and it’s easily my most used mod. On the face of it, it’s a set of weather states, but to describe it as such underplays quite how much it can do.

Firstly and most importantly it integrates seamlessly with a number of other Assetto Corsa mods to create a diverse range of realistic environments to drive in. It’s the perfect companion to Ilja’s dynamic lights shader mod (Assetto Corsa night mod), producing sunset, night and dawn environments that are by far the most convincing. And, it’s the same story with Alberto’s Wet Mod for Assetto Corsa.

All of this is brought together using Content Manager which largely automates everything. Honestly, once it’s all up and running, it’s simply a case of selecting the time of day and the weather you want and it all just works.

If you’re interested in downloading the Good & Bad Weather Suite for Assetto Corsa you can do so from Race Department:…

You can download the Assetto Corsa Wet mod by A. Fracasso here:…

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