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Mosport Assetto Corsa Mod [Canadian Tire Motorsport Park]

Mosport Assetto Corsa Mod [Canadian Tire Motorsport Park]

Today’s video is a preview of the upcoming Mosport Assetto Corsa mod by Johnr.

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, or Mosport as it was originally named is a circuit that I’ve wanted to see represented in Assetto Corsa for a long time. Thankfully, due to the quality of this Assetto Corsa mod, it was well worth the wait. And, in my opinion, at least, this is already looking to be on a par with the best Assetto Corsa mods tracks available today.

If you’re interested in downloading this Mosport Assetto Corsa Mod, then you can download it over on Race Department:…

Thanks again to John for letting me take a look at his upcoming version of Mosport

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