RSS 2018 Formula 2 Car Mod for Assetto Corsa [Formula RSS 2 V6]

Today I’m finally taking a look at the wonderful Formula RRS 2 V6 / 2018 Formula 2 car mod for Assetto Corsa.

Something I’ve always admired about the RSS Assetto Corsa mods is that they seem to defy some of the handling characteristics that are common to other Assetto Corsa cars. When you first jump into a Race Sim Studio car, you know you’re going to be driving something that feels very alive and active. And the Formula RSS 2 V6 is no different. While the 2018 Formula 2 car has got off to a rocky start, the Assetto Corsa mod is a hit right out of the gate.

Race Sim Studio RSS F2 Car download Link:



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