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The Sim Racing Setup Guide

The Sim Racing Setup Guide

Welcome to the sim racing setup guide.

This series of videos is intended to give beginners an overview of how to set up a car in any of the modern racing sims. Throughout all 12 videos, I have been describing in detail the various aspects of car setup and how to bring all of them together to build a car setup. The first 10 videos explain the ins and outs of each setup area, trying to explain the how and the why. Then, video 11 starts to bring everything together and talk through the process of building a setup. Finally, I’ve included video 12 as a case study of an Assetto Corsa setup that I created for the Audi R8 GT3.

If you want to skip to any specific sections of the Sim Racing Setup Guide you can do so using the following links:

1. Introduction –…

2. Tyres – Pressure and Temperature –

3. Suspension I – Toe, Camber & Castor ––YfkeTc

4. Suspension II – Anti Roll –

5. Suspension III – Springs –

6. Suspension IV – Dampers –

7. Ride Height –

8. Brake Balance –

9. Gear Ratios & Differential –

10. Aerodynamics –

11. Diagnosing a setup problem –

12. Case Study – Audi R8 Case Study –

Playlist Link:…



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  1. Kenneth

    Dear Chris.

    How are you doing.

    I am your fan and your subscriber from Nigeria.

    I am about to start a new VR drive studio in Nigeria but my worry is which of these VR is better for the job.

    Is it the PSVR or the Oculus Quest.

    I already have the PS4 and PS4pro. I am thinking of buying the Thrustmaster T150pro as against the Logictech G29.

    Which of the driving games would you recommend that will be more educating, teaching people how to drive with other cars on the same road rather than to drive like a formula 1 driver.

    Please do well to reply me with comprehensive details.

    Kind regards.

    Kenneth Ijoma


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