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Direct Drive Wheel – What They Don’t Tell You

Direct Drive Wheel – What They Don’t Tell You

The direct drive wheel format is currently the best sim racing steering wheel option available. It’s used by professional racing simulator manufacturers and hobbyists alike. Thanks in part to their relative rarity and also because they are reasonably new on the consumer scene, there’s a lot of conflicting information about direct drive wheels. I recently upgraded from a Thrustmaster T300 to an Open Sim Wheel (OSW) based direct drive wheel system and found that I had a number of considerable misconceptions about how a direct drive wheel would behave, and what owning one would be like.

Sim racing steering wheel systems broadly fall into two categories. The first, are what most sim racers are probably most used to, and the force feedback is driven by a small motor, via a belt or cog drive. These are only capable of providing small feedback forces. Direct drive wheels, however, make use of a powerful industrial servo motor, onto which the steering wheel rim is directly mounted (hence direct drive). These are capable of delivering much greater forces, quickly and accurately, making them a more desirable choice for serious sim racing and professional applications.

If you would like more information on setting up an Open Sim Wheel (OSW) based system, check out this helpful guide on the Sim Racing Paddock website:…


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