Sim Labs GT1 Evo Rim Racing Cockpit Review

Today’s video takes a look at the excellent Sim Lab GT1 Evo sim racing cockpit. The Sim Lab GT1 Evo is a great rig. It performs admirably, it’s competitively priced and, in my opinion at least it looks the part as well. The quality of the bespoke parts is absolutely excellent, and the when fully assembled, the GT1 Evo provides a very stable platform for your sim rig.

But, for me the expandability and flexibility of hardware mounting that this sim racing cockpit offers over some of the other more fixed designs makes this rig stand above many of its competitors. And, unless you have serious aspirations for a more extreme or niche sim racing rig setup, I think the GT1 Evo has all of the bases covered.

Sim Lab GT1 Evo Sim Racing Cokpit:

Sim Racing Garage Build Video:…


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