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This Car Has “it” – Race Sim Studio Formula Hybrid 2019 [Review]

This Car Has “it” – Race Sim Studio Formula Hybrid 2019 [Review]

Today I’m taking a look at the sublime new Race Sim Studio Formula Hybrid 2019 car for Assetto Corsa. In addition, Race Sim Studio has teamed up with Precision Sim Engineering to include a representation of their beautiful GPX wheel in the game, and they’ve been kind enough to send me one to try out for a few days.

Race Sim Studio have been consistently producing the best Assetto Corsa cars for a few years now. So, it’s no surprise that the Race Sim Studio 2019 Formula Hybrid is worthy of note. But, to echo a point I made in in my review of the Formula V10 car earlier in the year, what’s really impressive is that these guys keep finding ways to improve – there’s not even a hint of resting on laurels. I don’t think I really have to make a persuasive argument in favour of this car, if you like top flight single seaters and you play Assetto Corsa, this is a must have mod. And, at 4 Euros I think it’s an absolute steal.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Formula Hybrid 2019 car, then you can do so from the link below.

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