Sveg Assetto Corsa Mod

Sveg Raceway Assetto Corsa Mod

I have to admit, the Sveg Assetto Corsa mod took me by surprise. Normally I have no interest in fantasy circuits, but there’s something compelling about this particular Assetto Corsa mod. I believe that the success of Sveg Raceway lies in the author’s attention to detail and concentration on recreating the atmosphere of the real world location combined with an understanding of what makes real world race tracks great. The Sveg Assetto Corsa mod is a circuit that combines the open and challenging nature of classic road course circuits with the feel of a more modern venue. When it’s all put together Sveg raceway performs admirably as an endurance racing venue in particular.

If you are interested in downloading the Sveg Assetto Corsa mod, it is available for free from Race Department at the link below.…

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