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Making An Assetto Corsa Track | Talking Sims – Leon Sutfeld

Making An Assetto Corsa Track | Talking Sims – Leon Sutfeld

Today’s video is the first in a new series of videos where I will be talking to members of the sim racing community and getting them to share some of their skills and know-how on the channel. First up is Leon S├╝tfeld, creator of the Sveg mod for Assetto Corsa and owner of The Sim Channel on YouTube. We discuss some of the finer points of what goes in to creating a track for Assetto Corsa, from 3D Modelling to textures as well as the gameplay functionality. Hopefully you guys find this as interesting as I have, and if you have any suggestions for further topics or guests, please let me know!

Leon has created a preview video showing off Sveg version 1.2 and the day to night transitions, which you can view here:…

You can download Sveg Raceway version 1.2 from race department here:…

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