Today’s post is a bit meta. But, the whole point of this blog is to document what I’m up to, and part of that is the behind the scenes video creation stuff. 

Anyone that works with a number of different handheld devices like cameras will know that they all come with proprietary batteries, and of course chargers. Most of these chargers vary in size and form-factor as well, which can make the process of keeping everything topped up a bit of a pain. Furthermore, if you travel with camera gear, it just gets more complicated, because you either need to pack up and take everything with you, or buy duplicates of all of your chargers.

I took a bit of inspiration from my gigging days and built what I can only describe as a charging pedalboard! All of my chargers (only about half are pictured here) can be attached and detached quickly thanks to the 3M self adhesive hook and loop tape – which helps keep things neat and allows me to remove them for travel. It may seem like a small thing, but I’m a big advocate of finding little workflow solutions like this to help keep things manageable. 

This is the other half of the solution, the caption says it all really!