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Auto Union Type C for Assetto Corsa

Auto Union Type C for Assetto Corsa
As a sim racing content creator, there are certain things that get released that just scream out “make a video about that right now”. Last night, Gary Paterson released this absolute beast, and when I discovered this fact, at 5am on Xmas morning, you bet I fired up Assetto Corsa and Adobe Premiere!

If you’ve seen any of my videos about historic circuits, you’ll have heard me lament the lack of pre-war cars in Assetto Corsa. This is very much a first world problem of course. But, given the sheer number of mods available for the sim, you would have thought more than a couple would have filtered through. Whatever the case, this one a beaut. Still at version 0.5, and according to the creator still very much a work in progress, it’s obvious that this mod, like the car it was based on is a work of art. And, really I should have shot all of this footage during better lighting conditions to highlight that much, but I must admit to having a bit of a Cold December morning vibe going on for some reason.
The mid 1930s Auto Unions were pretty interesting. Supported financially by the German government, and guided by Dr Porsche himself, the car was pretty revolutionary at the time. The beastly 16 cylinder engine sat in the middle of the car, not the first of it’s kind to do so, but still far from common at the time. Speaking of beastly, by the time the car was revised to the Type C model featured in the mod, that subtle 6 Litre V16 was producing a staggering 500+ horsepower. Now, bear in mind that this was pretty much before anyone with a materials science background bothered to have a look at the round black things on all 4 corners of the car. Not only was the engine powerful, but it was rather adept at producing seemingly limitless torque at very low RPM. What this all adds up to is a car that was famous for producing wheelspin at well over 100 miles an hour. Or to put it another way, this thing is nuts.
And, the mod captures that perfectly. While the car is mid engined, there’s still a rearward weight bias, 16 cylinders of it in fact. This certainly helps in the quest to translate some of that power into forward movement, though you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise. You have to be extraordinarily careful with the throttle, more so that almost any other car I can think of. It’s a car that makes the Can Am Porsche feel relatively straightforward in that regard. And, that famous tendency to wheelspin all the way through the gears is there in the mod as well. Get used to modulating the throttle on nice, seemingly straight bits of tarmac kids! Once you’ve finally settled in and got up some speed, there’s the thorney issue of stopping – something that you have to prepare for well in advance, as it’s going to take a while. And, then we get to the corner entry, which is not the Auto Union’s party piece. With less weight than ideal on front tyres which were designed with the sole aim of keeping the front of the car off the ground, it under-steers like a fawn on a frozen lake. But, when you do get the front end to bite, using all of that power to rotate the back of the car is absolutely glorious. All in all, it’s a bit of a pig, but the challenge of driving it is thoroughly enjoyable…. and that matches the reputation of the real car to a T. 
As I mentioned at the top of the video, this car is still version 0.5, so there are a few little kinks to work out. But, even at this early stage it’s obvious that this is going to be a crowd-pleaser. Obviously those with an interest in historic motorsport will be all over this, but I think everyone should give it a go – just to get a sense of what a car like this may have been like to drive. It’s definitely not like the GT3 car you we’re just driving! And as a final note, I think it’s important that we all peer-pressure Jimmy into taking this around the Nordschleife, because, well, that’s going to be entertaining! 
If you’re interested in trying out the Auto Union, it is of course available form Race Department, and there’s a link in the video description. As always, if you enjoy the mod, you should consider donating to the creator – after all, it is Christmas!  So that just about wraps things up here. I hope you enjoyed the video, if you did it would be great if you could hit the like button and subscribe to the channel so you can see more videos like this in the future. So, all that’s left to say is goodbye, thanks for watching and happy holidays! 

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