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Talking Sims | Discussing ACC Setups with Jimmy P

Talking Sims | Discussing ACC Setups with Jimmy P

Back in November, I filmed a video with James Parker discussing the nuances of car setups in Assetto Corsa, which contained some wonderful insight and some clever tricks and tips that I knew the community would love. Frustratingly the footage became corrupted, and after being sent off for recovery only the audio files were salvageable. After a period of reflection, I decided that this information was too useful to abandon, so I’ve decided to share it with the community as a podcast, here on YouTube, and as part of the talking sims series, which is available through everywhere you can find podcasts. What follows is an in depth discussion of the finer points of car setup, focussing on ACC, but much of what has been said here is also appropriate to every other racing sim.


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