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A First Look At Simracing.GP | Sim Racing Online Platform

A First Look At Simracing.GP | Sim Racing Online Platform

Hello fellow sim racers. You might be wondering why I’m making a preview video for a web-platform. Well, first of all I genuinely believe that it’s going to offer something really exciting and valuable for the sim racing community, and secondly, it’s been created by my friends at Race Department in partnership with a US based technology firm called Nascent. The goal; to create a platform that brings together a community that has traditionally self organised in small, discrete bubbles. And, in doing so, creating a more interconnected online racing scene across the various sims, organisations, teams and drivers. There’s quite a lot to unpack in that statement, so I’m going to try explain how this all works from the perspective of each of the user groups. But first, a quick overview of some of the most important features.

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