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What Is Sim Racing?

What Is Sim Racing?

With the help of the awesome sim racing community, I’ve been able to realise a project that I’ve wanted to make for a long time. It’s tough to express what sim racing is, and why it matters to me, and others in the community, but I hope I’ve captured some of that here.

So, this is my love letter to sim racing, whatever that is?

Sim racing is real. But it’s also unreal. For some, it’s the ultimate simulation, for others it’s just a game, and every variation of that sentiment in between. For some of us, it’s a career, others a hobby and a creative outlet. And there’s nothing unreal about that. 

Sim racing is time, it’s effort, it’s practice. And when it pays off it’s magic. For some it’s thousands of hours invested, and others it’s pick up and play. But, a win is a win. And for those that share the passion, there’s nothing better.

Sim racing is winning. It’s competition. It’s the only place most of us will ever get to experience the thrill of this kind of racing. It’s in the close battles, the near misses, and the not so near misses. And of course, sim racing is losing too. 

Sim racing is community. A community that made this video. It’s a space in which I’ve made more long lasting friends than any other. It’s driving with mates chilled out on your sofa, or making new ones in online lobbies. And, maybe, just maybe a few enemies too.

Sim racing is an outlet. It’s about the builders, the makers, the modders, the developers, and thousands upon thousands of custom skin creators. It’s about software, and hardware makers big and small, and then of course, it’s about learning how to use it all. 

Sim racing is nostalgia. It’s fighting your heros in cars of old, or walking in the footsteps of giants. It’s retracing tarmac long since departed, in cars no sane person would let you near. It’s  a Porsche 917 on the Mulsanne, or, maybe it’s GT3’s at Daytona.

Let me be real with you guys for a second. We’ve all had a tough year so far, and it looks like it’s going to be a while before things start to get better. On a personal note, sim racing has been helping me hold it together over the last 6 weeks. Quarantine and new-born babies don’t mix well, and without this silly virtual race car hobby I’d be climbing up the walls. Anyway, back to it! 

But sim racing isn’t all highs. It’s tough, it’s frustrating, it’s tedious. It’s getting caught up in other peoples accidents, or causing some of your own. For every great overtake there’s a clumsy punt. And then there’s whatever this is.

Sim racing takes. It takes time, it takes energy, it takes effort. It compels you to learn, to grow to master your craft. To get better, to get faster, to race harder. It asks you to be a driver, a coach and a race engineer. And, then there’s the small matter of setups.

Sim racing is passion. It’s in every one of these video clips. It’s about the highs, the lows, and everything in between. You can disagree whether it’s a sport, whether it’s realistic, or anything else you like. But, there’s no doubt that sim racing matters to every member of this community. 

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